Thugs ‘fed duck to pitbull in Laois park’

Thugs ‘fed duck to pitbull in Laois park’

A dog owner caught a duck and fed it to his pitbull in the Emo Court Gardens in Laois, it has been claimed.

According to reports in the Leinster Express, thugs caught the bird using a bated piece of fishing line, before allowing their dog to savage the bird.

These claims were made by a local mother of three, who wrote:

“I would like to make you aware of a horrific incident I witnessed on Wednesday, July 29th in Emo Court Gardens.

“A bull terrier, not muzzled, was walked by two men to the lake.

“The men proceeded to take out a fishing hook, attach some bread and throw it into the lake where a large number of ducks were swimming.

“A duck became caught in the hook and the men pulled it into the bank.

“An elderly lady passing asked the men to turn the duck into the water and the men laughed and cursed at her.

“They then brought the duck and the dog further down the bank and fed the duck to their pit bull terrier.

The woman’s letter spoke in detail about dog fouling in the area and the non-muzzling of animals before concluding with “it is horrifying to think that innocent ducks are being caught on fish hooks and fed to dogs for fun.”

Local Councillor Tom Mulhall said he condemned any action that would harm ducks or swans at the lake and urged anyone who witnessed anything like this to report it.

"I wouldn’t like to see ducks being taken out and saved by dogs,” he said.

The Office of Public Works did not comment on the allegations.