Thugs connected to gang boss in prison brawl that left eight injured

‘Red’ Larry McCarthy
‘Red’ Larry McCarthy

THUGS connected to gang boss ‘Red’ Larry McCarthy clashed with a traveller crime clan in a prison row that left eight people injured.

The bitter fight came as members of the traveller clan refused to take orders from their rivals and to protect their control of the illicit trade in drugs and mobile phones.

Limerick mobster Red Larry, who is in jail awaiting trial at the Special Criminal Court for making threats to kill, has been isolated in the Midlands Prison since a stand-off with a Dublin criminal.

Six prison officers were injured while breaking up the violent brawl last Sunday afternoon. Officers were treated for injuries including broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder, while one member of staff needed stitches to his head.

A female prison officer was among the injured as staff went to quell the disturbance, while two inmates also needed medical treatment.

According to sources, the disturbance began after a row broke out between two prisoners, but quickly escalated to involve 18 criminals. They included inmates loyal to Red

Larry’s faction and a group belonging to a traveller crime gang with links to the ‘Rubber’ O’Reilly clan and relatives of slain gang boss ‘Fat’ Andy Connors.

Following the mass brawl, five prisoners were transferred from the jail, while others are expected to be the subject of disciplinary hearings.

A Sunday World investigation recently revealed how a number of criminal gangs operate within the Midlands prison, which is Ireland’s biggest lock-up. 

These include a gang headed by Dublin mobster Christy Griffin, who is serving time for child sex offences.

Another gang includes Limerick criminal ‘Fat’ John McCarthy and ‘Murder Inc’ killers David ‘Frog Eyes’ Stanners and Christopher ‘Smokey’ Costello. 

Red Larry fell out with Fat John’s mob after they refused to back him up to carry out a revenge attack on an inmate who had thrown hot water at him.