Thug who carjacked nurse is "filthy cretin," says husband

Temple Street nurs Odharnait Gannon with husband Fergus
Temple Street nurs Odharnait Gannon with husband Fergus

THE husband of a nurse carjacked by a blood-soaked thug outside a children’s hospital has described her attacker as “a filthy…low –life thieving scumbag”.

Odharnait Gannon was outside her workplace at Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin at 5.30am on Thursday when the thug jumped in beside and grabbed her keys before pushing her out of the vehicle.

Her husband Fergus said she was moving her car to make room for staff on the day shift when the “filthy cretin decided to car jack my wife”.

“A low-life thieving scumbag attacked her in plain sight, just feet from the hospital.

“He was bleeding heavily and her forced himself into the car, ripping the keys from her hands.

She was bundled out of the car and he proceeded to almost hit her and a number of other nurses who had come to her help during his getaway.”

The car was found crashed and burnt out on Store Street around half an hour later.

“Thankfully she’s fine despite being quite shaken by the whole incident.

Writing on Facebook he said Odharnait handed over her clothing to gardai for forensic testing.

“Hopefully they’ll catch the simple minded dribble glass. But what beggar’s belief is that the nurses are forced to move their cars out every morning at their own expense because the hospital staff cannot provide safe and adequate facilities for their staff.

“This puts the nurses, who work so hard looking after our kids, in serious danger. What if this guy had a knife. Who gets held responsible.”

A spokesman for the hospital told The Star that security was being reviewed in light of the attack.

“Due to the fact that Temple Street is an inner city hospital, there is no public car park and very limited unofficial staff car parking which is used by the night staff who free up spaces when the change in shift occurs.

“Generally security staff who man the Emergency Department are available to walk out of the hospital with anyone at night time or very early morning if requested.

“Temple Street will however investigate additional security measures that need to be put in place when nurses are moving their cars at the change of shifts.”