Thug takes everything not nailed down before handing keys to CAB

Empty: The inside of Jessbrook
Empty: The inside of Jessbrook

John Gilligan gave a final two fingers to the State when he handed back the keys of his beloved Jessbrook home to the Criminal Assets Bureau – but made away with literally everything that wasn’t nailed down

Fitted wardrobes, carpets and even light fittings have been removed from the five-bed bungalow which the Gilligans finally vacated last week after losing an epic battle with the CAB.

Gilligan has been busy toiling away at the property for the past few months after he got a stay of execution by the Supreme Court to sort out new accommodation for himself and his family.

As our photographs show, he has used his time to leave the property bare, even pulling up fencing and removing outhouses.

Gilligan even appeared to try to take the wallpaper with him from one of the rooms and managed to dismantle fitted wardrobes.

For more than 20 years, while they used taxpayers money to fight CAB, the Gilligans enjoyed the comforts of their large bungalow in the Kildare countryside.

And John managed to bring with him a variety of souvenirs of their time there, including a rickety gate, crumbling sheds and even electrical fixtures.


It was at the large country pile where John and Geraldine Gilligan made plans to become Lord and Lady Muck of Jessbrook equestrian centre next door. There they planned to host top showjumping events and whiled away their evenings counting the millions John was making from importing cannabis into Ireland.

It was on the doorstep of the house, up the long manicured driveway, where John savagely beat journalist Veronica Guerin before his criminal gang murdered her on the Naas Road.

After he was caught and put before the courts, Geraldine found refuge inside her country estate as she began an epic fight against the Bureau for the Gilligan’s proceeds of crime.

Four years ago when he was released from prison John returned home to Jessbrook, only to leave again in fear for his life as a long list of criminals queued up to get even with the former crime lord who changed gangland forever.

After he was shot in brother Thomas’s home, Gilligan left Ireland, moving from halting site to halting site in the U.K. for years under the protection of associates of Limerick’s Dundon mob.

Last year, when he eventually felt it was safe to return, John headed back to his beloved Jessbrook.

Last March, Gilligan and his family were ordered out of the house as they reached the end of the road in their €20 million battle against CAB. They were also ordered to hand back the keys of a house in Blanchardstown and another one in Lucan.

Geraldine and daughter Tracey begged the court to allow them stay for a further two years in the house. However, they were told to get out this Tuesday.

Gilligan claimed he has nowhere to live and has put his name down for social housing, but the Sunday World has exposed his latest lies after we tracked the family to a house in Roscommon.