Thug scalded girlfriend with hot oil from deep fat fryer

Belfast hight court
Belfast hight court

A man who callously scalded his ex-girlfriend with burning oil has told a court that she ‘cheated on him’.

Ioan Felician Gyorf claims that he was provoked into emptying a deep fat fryer over the woman’s head after she cooked him an egg and chips, at a house in Portadown, Co Armagh on July 7th.

The 35-year-old Romanian national faces a charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Reports indicate that Gyorf, of no fixed abode, began seeing the woman after he moved to Northern Ireland.

Prosecutor Philip Henry told the court that the woman let him into the house to collect his belongings after their break-up.

She then offered to cook him something after he complained of having not eaten for days.

“He asked specifically for soup, she said she didn’t have any but she made some egg and chips for the two of them,” the barrister said.

“While she was eating her food the applicant got up from the table, went over as if to get a knife and fork but unplugged the deep fat fryer and poured the oil out over the injured party.”

The woman suffered burns to her face, neck and the palms of her hands.

Gyorfi admitted carrying out the attack, the court heard, telling police his original plan was to throw soup round the woman.

During the hearing the accused, who appeared via prison video-link, repeatedly claimed the woman had cheated on him.

Gyorfi described the victim as a “good and kind woman” but said he had been provoked.

Defence counsel Barry Gibson questioned whether his client’s alleged actions involved any intent.

“He explained that this was not planned, it was spontaneous,” Mr Gibson added.

 Denying bail Mr Justive Burgess said:

“Even if it were half true, would be no reason whatsoever for the actions that he took.”

“Given these actions and their potential results, by which I mean this lady could well have lost her sight, there’s a particularly strong possibility that a period of imprisonment will be imposed.”

The judge added: “I also have concerns about his attitude towards her, and whether he would engage in any further acts having carried out this particular attack which verges on the irrational.”