Thug Dowdall's wind-up move

Jonathan Dowdall
Jonathan Dowdall

THUG politician Jonathan Dowdall has begun the process of winding down his company and its €126,000 cash balance just days after learning the man he abducted, water-boarded and threatened to kill is to sue him for damages.

The Sunday World can reveal that Dowdall, who was this week jailed for 12 years for the false imprisonment and death threats he issued against Alex Hurley, listed Dowdall Electrical Ltd for strike-off last Monday.
The company – which had cash in the bank of more than €126,000 according to accounts lodged in 2015 – had been in business since 2007. The move to wind down the company came two weeks after Hurley revealed to this newspaper that he plans to sue Dowdall over his abduction and torture.
A Sunday World probe of Dowdall’s assets reveals he is also listed as joint owner of his family home on the Navan Road – bought in March 2010 for less than €500k – which is now estimated to be worth in the region of €700,000.
Legal experts confirmed that tortured Alex would have a case regarded as “a slam dunk” in the civil courts, with damages expected to run to several hundred thousand euro.
Former Sinn Fein councillor Dowdall (40), was jailed for 12 years, while dad Patrick Dowdall (60), was hit with an eight-year sentence after being convicted of falsely imprisoning and threatening to kill Alexander Hurley in January 2015.
In his only interview since the sentencing, Alex , who lost his job and hasn’t been able to gain full-time work since the attack, said he can now begin the process of moving on with his life.
“After the sentencing ended one of the detectives rang me to let me know they had both been jailed,” he said.
“I was so pleased because the judges had weighed everything up and ultimately decided what they had done deserved a very heavy sentence.”
Alex said the fact that Dowdall, even after initially pleading guilty, tried to lie about the death threats and getting the IRA involved, showed the former Shinner wasn’t sorry for what he had done.
“It added to the trauma. It showed he was pleading guilty to get a lighter sentence, but had no interest in my welfare or the effect being dragged back into court would have on me.
“It was another opportunity to belittle his crimes and make it out that I was the criminal. They kept calling me a fraudster even though I have never been convicted of fraud. As far as I am concerned they can both rot in prison.” 
Despite Jonathan Dowdall’s denials that he had portrayed himself as the ‘head of the IRA’, both he and his father have now been incarcerated on the E1 dissident wing in Portlaoise Prison.