Thug convicted after threatening to slit throat of Waterford Mayor

Greg Hennessy
Greg Hennessy

A MAN previously arrested over a petrol bomb attack on children has been convicted after he threatened to slit the throat of the Mayor of Waterford.

Greg Hennessy (25), from Ballybeg, threatened Mayor John Hearne, who has continuously campaigned against gangs in the city. 

Thugs previously petrol bombed the Sinn Fein politician’s car outside his home when he supported a victim who was giving evidence against the gang and in recent weeks graffiti appeared on the wall outside his house saying “f**k the pigs, f**k John Hearne”. 

Hennessy had been pals with members of a well-known gang in the area. 

The gang are believed to have been behind an attack which left Roisin and Lexie Halligan, then aged 11 and one respectively, with serious burn injuries when a petrol bomb was thrown through the window of their grandmother’s home in Ballybeg, in October 2014.

The attack was aimed at intimidating another family member who had agreed to testify against a gang member.  

Hennessy was initially charged over the offence, but the charges against him were dropped after CCTV showed him in a different part of the city. 

On May 10 last year the thug made threats to kill John Hearne at Priory Lawn in Ballybeg. 

“He came after me and said I’ll cut your throat for you. He ran at me and two guards had to jump on him. Even as he was being taken away he kept shouting ‘I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you’,” said Hearne.

Hennessy pleaded guilty at Waterford District Court to threatening and abusive behaviour as well as a string of unrelated theft charges.  He will be sentenced in February. 

Cllr Hearne said: “I’m happy to see he has been convicted.”