Threats made against young thugs caught on camera kicking St Patrick's Day reveller in the face

One of the thugs flees after kicking the man in the face.
One of the thugs flees after kicking the man in the face.

THREATS have been made against some of the young men caught on camera kicking a defenceless St Patrick's Day reveller in the face.

The footage of the horrific incident went viral after it was posted on Youtube, with several people taking to Twitter to express their revulsion.

Among calls for users to identify the men, there were threats made against them for their actions.

However, it has not deterred the men in the video from taking to social media to boast about the incident.

A friend of the group posted that “That was one the best knock outs I've ever seen”, adding “Ronaldo couldn’t kick like that!”

And one of the attackers even updated his Facebook page to claim that Adrian Kennedy would not allow him on air on 98FM to tell his side of the story.

One of their mothers did go on the FM 104 Phoneshow to claim that the altercation was the result of an earlier incident. 

The video, entitled ‘St Patrick’s Day Disgrace’, went viral on YouTube and Facebook and was later removed from YouTube and Liveleak

Gardai in Dublin are investigating the assault that took place in the city centre on St Patrick's Day.

The video shows a young man being kicked in the head and in the face in broad daylight.

The footage shows witnesses screaming as the attack takes place with revellers running into the street to help the victim.

The perpetrators, of which there appear to be at least two, run away as people attend to the victim.

Local councillor Nial Ring says he was heartened by the revulsion that has been expressed on social media.