This is the UDA thug Johnny Adair ordered to shoot his son

Fat Jackie Thompson
Fat Jackie Thompson

This is the man who shot Jonathan Adair on the orders of the teen’s father, Mad Dog Johnny.

We can reveal for the first time that Mad Dog’s friend ‘Fat Jackie’ Thompson carried out the ‘punishment’ shooting.

As a child of the Troubles growing up in Protestant west Belfast, it was all too easy for Jonathan to fall off the rails – and he did.

By the time he was a teenager, Adair and his ‘C Company’ pals were inundated with complaints about Jonathan’s alleged anti-social behaviour.

In order to maintain the reputation of the UDA in the area, Johnny was forced to agree to his son – who was by then 17 – receiving a  punishment shooting.

As C Company’s so-called Provost Marshall, it fell to Johnny Adair’s friend, ‘Fat Jackie’ Thompson, to carry out the brutal task. But by shooting Jonathan through the calves, Thompson ensured the teenager didn’t suffer any permanent damage.

Later Johnny Adair told a reporter he had no idea why his son was shot.

Born on August 23, 1984, Jonathan Adair was the first of three children born to Johnny Adair and his wife Gina Crossan.

Johnny Adair and his son Jonathan 

The family lived in a tight-knit community at Beechnut Place off the Oldpark Road before moving to Hazlefield Street and then Boundary Way, as the Adair family grew with the arrival of Jonathan’s sisters Natalie and Chloe and later younger brother Jay, whom Johnny nicknamed ‘Mad Pup’.

As a youngster, Jonathan showed promise as a footballer, but once he reached his teens, he found other things to occupy him. He was also known for his sharp wit and good company.

When he was nine, his father bought him a bike for Christmas. It was hidden in the coal cellar and he only found it when Johnny sent him out to fill the bucket.

“The look on that wee boy’s face was priceless,” said a friend who witnessed it. And she added: “But when it came to presents, Johnny was the biggest kid of all!”

When Adair’s UDA team were forced to flee the Shankill area following a murderous internecine feud with the UVF, Jonathan Adair settled in Bolton. But when his parents split up, he moved to Troon in Scotland to be with his father.

Earlier this year, he married Drongan girl, Jasmine Johnstone. The couple have a four-year-old son Harley.

Jonathan Adair’s funeral will take place at Drongan Crematorium on Friday.