This is the physical test you need to pass to join the gardai

Would you pass?
Would you pass?

With 3,000 new gardai set to be hired, here is the physical test applicants will need to pass to get a shot at the uniform.

The first physical exam consists of a sprint start, a weave through cones, walking a balance beam, lifting a car wheel and carrying it, jumping, climbing and another sprint.

The circuit is to be completed three times in the fastest time possible. A pass standard is three minutes and 20 seconds.

The second part of the test is a push/pull machine assessment.

Male applicants will be required to complete from between 29 and 35 sit-ups in one minute, according to their age.

While females will be required to complete between 25 and 30 sit-ups in one minute.

Furthermore, male applicants will be required to complete between 22 and 25 press-ups, with no time restriction, while females will be required to complete between 18 and 20 push-ups.

A massive 3,200 gardai need to be recruited on a phased basis over the next four years, in addition to the 1,200 recruited by the end of this year, to reach a strength of 15,000.

This includes taking projected retirements into account.

It is expected that successful candidates from the new campaign launched today will enter the Garda College from mid-2017. 

Applications must be made through  

The closing date for applications is Thursday 29 September 2016.