This is the face of the drink drive killer of teen Enda Dolan

Drink drive killer David Lee Stewart
Drink drive killer David Lee Stewart
William Ross Casement (Pic Pacemaker)
William Ross Casement (Pic Pacemaker)

This is the face of the dink drive killer of teenager Enda Dolan.

The County Tyrone teen was making his way back to the Elms student accommodation on the Malone road in October 2014, when David Lee Stewart and his pal, William Ross Casement, ploughed into him.

The pair had been on an all-day bender, drinking pints and 'Jagerbombs' and doing drugs before Stewart got behind the wheel of the vehicle.

When they hit 18-year-old Enda, a talented musician, athlete and architecture student, his body landed on the roof of the van.

The pair, both from the Belvoir area of Belfast, then drove 800 metres with Enda's body on the roof before stopping.

When they did, Casement, 21, got out of the van and looked at Enda's body before climbing back in and telling Stewart to drive off. 

The boozed-up pair then drove a short distance before crashing again. When the police arrived, Stewart refused a breath test initially, and when he finally gave one he was found to be three times over the limit.

                                                                                       Enda Dolan 

On Wednesday, Casement, for his role in the tragedy, was given 50 hours community service, the equivalent of what most people work in a five day week.

Killer Stewart, 31, was given a seven year sentence, of which he'll spend three-and-a-half years behind bars.

Yesterday, the family of Enda said they were "disappointed and disgusted" with the sentences Stewart received, and with Casement's 50 hours of community service.

Outside the court, Enda's father, Peter, said:  "We have been left with a life sentence. So many parents have stood in our shoes. Many more will in the future unless something is done to deter individuals from driving under the influence of drink and drugs."

The family are considering and appeal of the judgement.