Political advisor's anti-Irish rant: "These are people who can’t grow potatoes"

Morris: "These are people who can't grow potatoes"
Morris: "These are people who can't grow potatoes"

An Australian political advisor is in the spotlight after an anti-Irish rant live on air during a debate about same-sex marriage.

In a TV appearance debating the issue of gay marriage, Grahame Morris said Australia wasn't ready for same-sex marriage. 

The Conservative commentator and former advisor to the ruling Liberal party said Australia was being forced into the vote by country of people who 'can't grow potatoes'. 

"The trigger was a vote in Ireland," Morris said in the televised debate, before going on a tirade. 

"Now I love the Irish. The parliament is full of Irishmen but these are people who can’t grow potatoes, they’ve got a mutant lawn weed as their national symbol and they can’t verbalise the difference between 'tree' and the number 'three'. But - and then all of a sudden - Australia has to follow suit."

The comments concern a period in history when about a quarter of the population either left the country or died from hunger due to a disease outbreak that wiped out our potato crop. 

His reference to 'mutant lawn weed' appears to be about the four-leaf clover. However, the Irish symbol - the shamrock - is a regular three-leaf clover.

He went on to say he thinks Australian MPs aren't ready for the vote. 
"I have a feeling this could end up like that stupid referendum on a republic where the electorate wasn’t ready," he then added, before saying "the parliament wasn’t ready and you’ve got to put it off for another ten years.
"This is going to be divisive and I’m just not even sure the parliament is ready."
(Skip to around 7.40 for the good stuff.)