Lawyers for Irish nanny plead: Let her go home as soon as possible

McCarthy's legal team are urging authorities to allow her to travel home (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
McCarthy's legal team are urging authorities to allow her to travel home (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

The legal team representing an Irish nanny who was accused of murdering a one-year-old baby pleaded with authorities to allow her to travel home to Ireland.

Lawyers for Aisling Brady McCarthy are appealing to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to allow her to "get on a plane as soon as possible". 

A murder charge against the Cavan woman was yesterday dropped after the Medical Examiner’s Officer in the case reversed its decision declaring the baby’s death a homicide. 

“The medical examiner issued findings saying that based on what she was then reviewing, she was changing her opinion,” Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan said yesterday. 

“In particular, the overall state of Rehma’s health and her past medical issues raise the possibility that she had some type of disorder that was not able to be completely diagnosed prior to her death,” the medical examiner’s amended finding stated.

Ms McCarthy had been incarcerated for more than two-and-half years after being arrested and charged with murder. 

Now, her legal team is urging authorities to let her travel home to Ireland. They said their client's life had been "ruined" by something that never even happened, something that she should have never been accused of. 

"Miss McCarthy was put in jail for two years over a crime that never occurred," her lawyer Melinda Thompson said.

"Not just a crime that she did not commit, but a crime that did not occur. The life of an innocent woman was ruined.

"It was a tragedy that a child died, but, quite frankly, the way this prosecution was handled was a complete disgrace," Ms Thompson added. 

She said her client wants to return home to Ireland as soon as possible.

Ms Thompson said her client has not stopped crying out of joy since the murder charge was dropped. 

"She’s relieved, scared and absolutely thankful to the medical examiner’s office for doing this re-review and, quite frankly, finding the truth," Ms Thompson said. 

"There was a rush to judgment. This was a shaken-baby case 24 hours after this child died, and then from there, there was really no investigation done, medically or otherwise, and Ms. McCarthy was arrested a week later."

She is now expected to now be deported from the US, where she had been working illegally since 2002.

Immigration officials are believed to have agreed to permit her to return to Ireland voluntarily. This means the 37-year-old may be able to return to Ireland within the next several days. 

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