Shocking moment an ebola patient escapes quarantine sending people at market fleeing

Hungry: The man sent people at market fleeing after escaping quarantine
Hungry: The man sent people at market fleeing after escaping quarantine

This is the shocking moment an ebola patient escaped quarantine and walked through a nearby market in search of food, sending people fleeing in panic.

The footage has emerged from West Africa where the disease is wreaking havoc. 

This video shows the panic felt by locals in Monrovia, Liberia after the patient - who is marked with a tag letting people know he's infected - walks through a busy market. 

The man is dressed in red and is seen lashing out at anybody who dares to confront him. He escaped quarantine in search of food, witnesses said, after being detained at Elwa Hospital. 

Victims at Elwa say the hospital is overcrowded and that they were not being fed. It was recently reported the hospital was turning away possible ebola victims due to overcrowding. 

The man's presence is enough to send a mob of gathered onlookers fleeing in panic. He grabs a loaf of bread before he is tackled by doctors from Medecins Sans Frontieres and bundled into the back of an ambulance. 

Liberia is the country suffering most from the outbreak of the deadly disease, with around 700 of the 1,600 deaths originating there. 

Last week, a report from the World Health Organisation warned that the death toll of the disease could easily top 20,000.