The Rubberbandits went on Newstalk high on 'legally consumed yips' last night

Yips: The Rubberbandits
Yips: The Rubberbandits

The Rubberbandits last night accepted an offer from Newstalk FM to appear on the station while 'high on legal yips'.

Blindboy Boatclub joined Tom Dunne on Tuesday night to discuss the legal loophole which means that drugs such as ecstasy, ketamine, magic mushrooms and crystal meth are legal to possess in Ireland - for a very brief period only. 

Until Thursday night - if you haven't yet heard - a court ruling means such drugs above mentioned will be technically legal until the president signs emergency legislation into law. 

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar brought the legislation to the Dáil after the Court of Criminal Appeal ruled that a law banning more than 100 drugs was unconstitutional. The Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Bill 2015 was widely supported during a two-hour debate last night. 

While the drugs remained legal the Rubberbandits said on Twitter they were interested on going on LiveLine with Joe Duffy under the influence of a 'ball of yokes'. The lads were fairly excited by the news and spent the day tweeting about it.

Joe Duffy didn't reach out - but Newstalk did.

Blindboy, one half of the music duo, did a live telephone interview with presenter Tom Dunne while on legally consumed yips.

"Let’s just say, my legs are having an argument with my shoulders over how much rent my body is charging", Blindboy told Duffy. 

"I’ll be honest, I’m on a yoke. But if we take a ‘yoke’ to be a colloquial term for an object that could be anything, I mean – I’m standing on a yoke right now."

The pair went on to discuss prohibition in Ireland, and then the impact drugs can have on mental health. 

"We need to move towards a conversation about mental health, that's the thing.

I’m not into telling adults to do anything. An adult can do whatever they want. But what I would say to anybody who wants to take a drug, whether it's chocolate or heroin,  at any time you get a pang in your body for any substance, you have the opportunity to ask yourself, using interpersonal emotional intelligence: 'Why do I want this substance right now?'
"If you’re stressed for an exam and you want to smoke a fag, ask yourself: Why do I want this? You might find out that you don’t want that substance any more. At the core of all of this we’ve got a mental health discussion.
"It’s hard to have rational mental health, when the drug laws themselves are irrational."
Commenting on the loophole, Blindboy said it was a "legislative anomaly which not only exposes massive incompetence in our system but also calls into question the rationale of drug laws themselves".
After the interview, listeners took to Twitter to say how impressed they were with the musician's eloquence.