Revealed: The Irish areas with highest percentage of female Ashley Madison users

The data proves the site is overwhelmingly male
The data proves the site is overwhelmingly male

The Ashley Madison leak has provided a huge amount of data, but the most stark information was about the percentage of male users on the site.

It had long been suspected that the site had a larger number of male users than female users but the information that became public this week illustrates just how unbalanced the site's numbers are.

On average it seems that 85 per cent of the users were male and that figure is reflected in the drill down analysis of Irish towns and cities.

We've already brought you the number of account holders in each area, in the Republic and Northern Ireland and every Irish town listed had a majority, and a huge majority in some cases, of male account holders.

Some, such as Dublin suburb Rathfarnham, had a staggering 96.55 per cent of users being male, and similar numbers were clear all over the country.

However, a few towns had slightly more balanced numbers.

The most equal we found was in Leitrim, in the village of Pottore.

They had 63 per cent male users, 37 per cent female among the 11 people registered to that area. That is still way off an even split but it is the lowest male percentage in the country.

The next nearest was Cloyne in Cork, where 65 per cent of users were male. 

Other towns with relatively low male percentages (compared to the rest of the country) included Adare at just under 73 per cent, and Kinnegad at just over 73 per cent.

The lowest male percentage in Northern Ireland was Markethill in Armagh, which came in at 71.43 per cent.