Family behind ghostbusting group snap Cork spook

Family behind ghostbusting group snap Cork spook
Ghosty apparition snapped in Cork
Ghosty apparition snapped in Cork

A GHOSTBUSTING Irish family and friends group claim this is the eerie moment that they captured evidence of a haunting in the abandoned ruins of a 700-year-old Abbey.

The supernatural investigators caught the mystery figure on camera as they snapped pictures around the 12th century ruin of Timoleague Abbey, in west Cork, while searching for evidence of the paranormal.

Members of the Cork Supernatural Society took the photograph at the historic abbey, but investigator Jackie Clarke said they were completely unaware of the presence of the graveside figure until they went home and examined the picture.

She said: “We weren’t aware of anything until we came home and analysed everything – then we saw it.

There were five of us there on the night – two men and three women. This photo was taken inside in the Abbey in an old infirmary and there are graveyards in there. 

“We had called out in the infirmary asking if there was any presence there and we were just coming out when my son Michael took a picture.

“That’s when that man by the grave was caught.  We had been there for over an hour and saw no-one when the photo was taken. 

The paranormal investigators, headed up by mother Jackie and her daughter Emma and son Michael, said they have no idea who the shadowy figure is in the picture. 

She said: “The clothes just look like pants and a jumper. It wasn’t a monk or anything like that.

“But it was funny that when we arrived we asked if anyone was there and said could they even give us an indication by standing by a grave. We did call out there.

“Two hours later the picture was taken. It isn’t a human to us. We try to zoom as close as we can and the face just looks empty.

“It was our second time going to investigate the place. We are a paranormal group and we go to various old places like abbeys and castles that might have activity.”

She said the group’s mission is to capture incidences of paranormal activity in abandoned building, castles, forts, woods, prisons or private buildings. 

We got to a lot of abandoned places and go to private houses sometimes if people have concerns about some activity in their home. We have caught a picture on camera before, but this is much clearer that anything we’ve ever taken.”

On their ghost hunts, she said they also use microphones to scan for so-called electronic voice phenomena (EVP), which are classed as unexplained voices and sounds caught on tape

She said: “We got EVPs on our voice recording equipment. If we ask questions we get a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ or ‘Get Out’ or we’ve had noises of banging stuff and throwing stuff.

We have picked up these things in the past.

She said they have had a few haunting experiences during their two years tracking down spirits.

“We were at an old hotel in Skibbereen where Michael Collins had his last meal before he was shot and we investigated the upstairs, which is no longer a hotel.

“That was probably the scariest. It was very, very, active. We called out ‘is there anybody there?’ and the next thing a wardrobe door just hopped off the wall. 

“It made us all jump. We got one or two voice recordings of the voice of a man talking.

We have felt [presences] and they have made themselves known. We have had a few experiences in castles where we felt there is something there that has made itself known.”

The group respond to calls from spooked householders worried there is a ghost in their homes but she said they are not like the movie version of Ghostbusters who get rid of the spirits

“We travel all over the country, but we wouldn’t have that power. We are not mediums or psychic.  

“People tell us there is something strange going on in their home or there is a ghost there and we then just go in and see if there is anything there.

“If it wants to show itself it will do so by making noise or we’ll pick it up on the cameras or the voice recording.  

“If it is an entity that is trying to frighten the life out of them and lives on their fear, sometimes it won’t show us it is there. It doesn’t want people to know it is there, only the family that lives there.”

She said she no longer gets scared by bumps or sound in the night while tracking spirits.

“Like anything else you get used to it. It’s a great hobby. We want to see if there is anything out there and if they can tell us where they are now or if there is an afterlife.

“That’s why we do it.”