The bodies of up to 50 migrants found in truck in Austria

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The truck in which the horrific discovery was made
The truck in which the horrific discovery was made

At least 20 migrants have been found dead in a lorry in Austria and some local estimates say that there could be up to 50 bodies in the vehicle.

Austrian police said the bodies were discovered on a road leading from the Hungarian border.

The lorry was parked on the hard shoulder of the highway.

Police believe the victims had been dead for some time, telling state broadcaster ORF that the bodies appeared partially decomposed.

Burgenland province police chief Peter Doskozil said the lorry, which had Hungarian licence plates, was apparently abandoned on Wednesday and its back door was left open, exposing the bodies.

He said the state of the bodies made it difficult to say how many there were in the lorry but estimated it could be up to 50.