Finally! Temperatures set to hit 24 degrees today

Temperatures are expected to hit around 24 degrees today
Temperatures are expected to hit around 24 degrees today

Summer temperatures are finally here!

The creeping feeling that summer was slipping away from us can be put to bed for the time being because sunshine is here. 

Our unpredictable summer has provided us with much to be aggrieved about but for now we can rejoice in temperatures in the mid-20s. 

Met Eireann are predicting temperatures between 19 and 24 degrees, with the highest coming in the southeast. 

It will stay cooler in the west with highest temperatures here of 16 to 18 degrees, they said. 

The guys over at say that Cork will receive highs of around 21 degrees, while Dublin is expected to have highs of around 22 degrees.

Limerick will see temperatures in the very high teens while Galway is expected to receive highs in the mid-to-late teens. 

Tomorrow will be a cooler day but there will be a lot of dry weather again with sunny spells.

A few light showers may develop in the afternoon with temperatures reacing into the high teens. 

Sadly the sunshine isn't set to make it to the weekend with Saturday predicted to be cloudy and cold with scattered showers. 

While Sunday is to be bright in the morning with rain arriving in the south west which is set to spread across the nation by late afternoon, turning heavy in places. 

So head out and enjoy the high temperatures of today and tomorrow because knowing our luck it'll be brief!