Teens rescued after car plunges into the River Bush

Pic: Kevin McAuley
Pic: Kevin McAuley

Three 19-year-olds were rescued last night by the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue service after the car they were travelling in plunged into floodwater.

The three were travelling along the Livery Road, crossing a ford on the River Bush, Stranocum, when the car was engulfed by fast flowing water.

They were forced to get out of the car and climb onto the roof as their situation worsened and the water began to rise.

Rescue teams from Coleraine, Ballymoney and Belfast attended the scene, using a ladder to reach the vehicle and rescue the three who were treated for mild hypothermia. 

Maurice Field of the NIFRS said the teens took sensible action by climbing on top of the car and awaiting rescue.

"They were actually on the roof of the car, they were very sensible.

"We don't give teenagers a lot of sense, but they made a 999 call and got on top of the roof to await the arrival of the emergency services.

"They didn't attempt to self rescue, because the river was quite swollen and fast-flowing at that stage."