Teenage girl from Meath reportedly suffers fit after getting vaccine in school

Abbey Colohan
Abbey Colohan

13-year girl reportedly suffered a seizure after getting HPV vaccine in school.

Abbey Colohan, from Kells, Meath was left lying on a mat on the floor in pain after receiving the HPV in her secondary school last year.

On the 22nd of September 2014, the 13-year-old along with her classmates received the Gardsail vaccine and immediately had an an adverse reaction to it.

For over an hour, she was left lying on a mat on the floor of her school while the rest of the girls were being vaccinated.

During this time she had seizure-like jerking, rolling eyes, blurred vision, headache and nausea. 

After an hour and twenty minutes her parents were called to the school to pick her up.

Her father questioned why an ambulance was not called and was told that this would wear off.

Abbey returned to school two days later but took another seizure and was taken by ambulance to Drogheda Hospital A&E and admitted for six days.

After numerous blood tests and an MRI she was sent home with no diagnosis and no medication.

Her parents were told they would learn to adjust to their lives and live with the situation. Six months later, they are still waiting to see a neurologist.

In a new documentary to be aired on TV3 tonight, other young Irish girls give their account of how the believed their chronic illnesses have been caused by the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

The vaccine has been dropped in Denmark and is the subject of numerous legal actions in the US and Australia. Thousands of girls worldwide are said to be suffering similar symptoms and are convinced Gardasil is responsible.

Since it's introduction in 2010, the HPV vaccine has been administered to over 170,000 to help them prevent contracting cervical cancer.

However, some girls who have received the vaccine are suffering from long-term illness which their families believe to be a result of the Gardasil.

In the documentary airing at 10pm tonight, TV3 will hear personal accounts from young girls and will examine evidence at home and abroad about the safety risks of the HPV vaccine.