Teacher killed as manhole cover smashes into car as she drives to work

Caitlyn Clavette (image via @CaitlinClavette)
Caitlyn Clavette (image via @CaitlinClavette)

A woman was killed on her way to work yesterday when a manhole cover somehow flew up from the road and smashed right through the windscreen of her car.

Caitlin Clavette was killed on Interstate 93 just before 8am yesterday morning.

A 200lb manhole cover crashed through the driver's side of her Honda, and police are currently investigating just how the horrific accident took place.

The manhole cover was sitting over a storm drain and it was last inspected in the summer of 2014.

Authorities are checking to see if "excessive wear, deformation, or any other characteristics" caused the metal disc to become dislodged.

Governor of Massachussets Charlie Baker has called the incident an "incredibly bizarre" tragedy.