Teacher fired after being accused of having sex with two underage boys

Haeli Way's mugshot, via Travis County police
Haeli Way's mugshot, via Travis County police

A maths teacher in Texas has lost her job and faces serious charges after it was alleged she was having sex with two underage boys at her school.

Haeli Wey, 28, was fired in October after police launched an investigation into her relationships.

The first boy was a member of a family that Wey became friendly with. The teacher even went on a family holiday to Africa this summer and it is reported in the New York Daily News that she began to have sex with the boy after they returned to the US.

They had sex about 10 times according to court documents and nude pictures were also exchanged.

The second sexual relationship allegedly began after Wey invited the second boy on a hike in September.

She had been exchanging text messages with the second boy in the lead up to the hiking trip.

The second boy is said to have told police that the pair kisssed and engaged in other sexual activity on the hike.

The first boy stopped having sex with the teacher when he heard about the hiking trip with the other boy. He also told his father about the relationship, leading to the police investigation.

Wey, who had worked at Westlake High School in Austin for two years, was bailed by police.