Teacher demands right to swear at foul-mouthed pupils

Teacher claimed 'it would release the stress of being abused'
Teacher claimed 'it would release the stress of being abused'

A teacher in Glasgow has demanded the right to swear at pupils after being told to 'f*** off' in his own classroom.

According to the Evening Times, Gordon Cairns, who teaches at a school called Govan High in the city, wants to be able to swear back at pupils who swear at him in class.

Writing in an education magazine about the issue, Cairns said: “Giving us the satisfaction of following suit would release the stress of being abused.

“The swearer might be less likely to do it again as they would know how it felt to be so disrespected.

“Either we have a zero tolerance policy or we should let all parties swear.”

To illustrate his point further, Cairns claimed that swearing was now a part of Scottish culture adding: "One pupil showed me a text from his mum saying ‘U had better be back for tea ya wee c***’."

The school, which counts former Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson as a past pupil, is not implementing his suggestion, with his request rejected by the local authority.