TD says if people can pay for booze and smokes they can pay for water

Catherine Byrne
Catherine Byrne

A Fine Gael TD lashed out at people who spend money on cigarette and booze but refuse to pay their water bills.

Catherine Byrne said people should not be able to avoid paying for a service they need.

She said people who spend money on things they don’t need should pay for water.

"I go to the shopping centre on the weekend, like most normal people, I try my best with my budget, to fill it out and get what I need," she said.

"And I put extra things in my trolley for my children who are all in negative equity, like many other parents out there.

"And I see people stacking up their trolleys with drink and wine, and I can guarantee you, some of them shouldn't be stacking up their trolleys with drink and wine."

She said her pensioner sister is willing to pay her bill and so should everyone else

"At the end of the day, she said to me: 'Well, if all it's going to cost me is €60 for the year, that is €1.50 in the week…'

"And I see people queuing up in shops and buying 60 to 80 smokes at €10-something a package, so let's talk about fairness and balance."

People Before Profit described her comments as "pompous".