Syndicate of Dublin Bus drivers scoop massive EuroMillions jackpot

The jackpot winner has been revealed
The jackpot winner has been revealed

A syndicate of 22 Dublin Bus workers have walked away with more than a million euro each after scooping nearly €24 million in the EuroMillions draw.

The crew, made up of drivers based in the North Dublin Broadstone garage, picked the winning numbers in Friday night’s jackpot.

One of the winners admitted last night that they had won the big draw.

“Yeah it was us alright,” he confirmed to the Sunday World.

“The syndicate is in Broadstone and there are 22 of us.

“We haven’t all spoken to each other yet so I’m not even sure how much we will walk away with.

“I only got a phone call at about 2.30pm from this guy I know, congratulating me, so I went down to the garage to see what the story was and some of the lads were there jumping around. Some of the others were in shock.

“Nobody  really knows what is going on, to be honest.

“We’ve just found out ourselves so we’re all a bit dazed.

“I don’t even know where the ticket was bought. I’m just part of a syndicate here in work.”

According to the stunned winner, most of the drivers are nearing retirement age, but when asked if they would all now quit their jobs he said he didn’t think they would.

“Well, we’ve all got big families, ya know, all around the country, so I don’t know if we can all just quit like that.

It is understood that some of the drivers work on the Xpresso routes, that bring commuters to various workplaces around the city.

“I can’t talk anymore,” he added, sounding shocked. “I have to go now, I’m sorry.”

Another member of the syndicate, after pretending he wasn’t one of the winners joked, “sure, I don’t gamble, I’m still in the middle of Ramadan”.

The winning numbers were 2, 11, 13, 40 and 50. The Lucky Stars numbers were 1 and 10.

Last night National Lottery bosses urged the latest EuroMillions winner to sign the ticket and keep it safely hidden.

Speculation had been mounting about the identity of the latest lucky Irish winner who scooped the €23,845,060 jackpot in Friday’s draw.

The National Lottery said it will be some time before they reveal where the ticket was sold.

“We won’t actually be announcing the location, or indeed when the ticket was sold, until next week,” said National Lottery spokesman Ronan Leech.

“But what we could advise, naturally, to all our players, would be to check their tickets.”

Ireland’s biggest ever winner is still Dolores McNamara who scooped €115 million in the EuroMillions draw in August 2005.