Sunshine and warm weather here to stay for Bank Holiday weekend

A man cools off at the Forty Foot in Dublin this week
A man cools off at the Forty Foot in Dublin this week

Sometimes dreams do come true, Ireland is set for warm and sunny weather for all three days of the June Bank Holiday weekend.

With a whole host of events taking place across the country this weekend, from big GAA matches to Bloom to the Cat Laughs Festival, Met Eireann are saying all of the country will be able to bask in beautiful weather for all three days.

John Eagleton, a meteorologist at Met Éireann, said that while there was a chance of some showers, "it won't stop people going to the seaside."

"It's going to be a pretty good weekend. The warmest temperatures will be on Sunday, in the midwest.

"Today will be much the same as yesterday, with temperatures reaching 21C, or 22C," he said.

"This will jump on Saturday and Sunday and it will still be in the 20s on Monday," he added.

There is a chance of rain coming from Britain, which would be likely to break in the midlands on Saturday night, according to the forecaster.

However, the capital should avoid any showers, owing to an easterly breeze.
Mr Eagleton said the weather was likely to hold until around Wednesday.

"Next week there will be a bit more rain, especially on Wednesday and Thursday," he said.