Summer could finally be here as high temperatures expected all week

99s are likely to be in high demand this week
99s are likely to be in high demand this week

The weather outlook for the week is extremely bright as Ireland expects temperatures in the low 20s until Friday, at least.

According to Met Eireann's forecast, equal parts ice-cream and suncream will be required for the coming week.

Summer is set to properly arrive in Ireland as high temperatures, clear skies and sunshine are forecasted almost every day from now until Friday at the very least.

This morning's sunshine is predicted to continue throughout the day, with temperatures reaching 21 degrees in some areas of the country.

The dry, sunny weather is expected to return on Tuesday with similar temperatures accompanied by light cloud cover and moderate northerly winds.

More of the same is to come on Wednesday, by time which at least half the country is expected to be suffering from mild burning! Temperatures could reach 22 degrees, though a hazier outlook is predicted for the east side of the country.

The east coast can expect light rain on Thursday with some cooler breezes incoming, though temperatures could again hit the 20degree mark. Winds will mean it is also likelier to be cooler along the east, with warmer temperatures expected in the west.

The sunshine will return with fervour on Friday, with the lowest temperatures around the country predicted to be around 16degrees while long sunny spells mean that the 22-degree mark could again be hit.

Met Eireann also say that it currently looks as though the warm weather will continue into the Bank Holiday weekend, with the possibility of mid-20s temperatures hitting the country.