Stunning summer sunshine set to run well into next week

The spell of glorious sunshine is set to continue
The spell of glorious sunshine is set to continue

Not only is today a cracker, but the warm weather is set to run until Thursday according to Met Eireann.

The east and south of the country are bathed in glorious sunshine today and temperatures in the mid 20s.

Even in the cloudier parts in the west and north today it is warm and the good news is the forecast is for the wonderful conditions to continue for a number of days.

Tomorrow will see the temperatures reaching 27 degrees in places with early mist clearing to to give the east and south especially lots of sunshine however temperatures will be a few degrees cooler in Connacht and Ulster.

Tuesday will see the south west get the best of it with temperatures there to be in the region of 25 or 26 degrees.

However a breeze will keep the eastern side temperatures below 20 degrees as most of the country enjoys sunshine for the bulk of the day.

Wednesday will see the north west of Ireland get the best of it with the mercury hitting 26 there while the rest of the country will sizzle too with temperatures reaching 24 degrees.

Met Eireann say that Thursday will see the best of the weather in the south east but the forecasters warn that Thursday is also likely to be the end of the fine weather, with an unsettled spell on the way.