Stowaway found at motorway tortured by prisoners during riot yesterday

The young man received "an awful kicking" during the horrific ordeal
The young man received "an awful kicking" during the horrific ordeal

A young man from Afghanistan who was discovered at the side of a motorway two weeks ago was grievously injured at the hands of violent prisoners during a riot yesterday.

Walli Ullah (21), who was found at the side of the motorway near Naas, was arrested as he is a non-national and did not have the appropriate identification at the time. 

A non-national must produce on demand a passport or ID and failure to do is a criminal offence. As a result, he appeared in court and was subsequently imprisoned. 

Yesterday, the 21-year-old was taken hostage by a number of prisoners who subjected him to a brutal beating. He received a broken arm and was knifed in the face.

He was described as being quiet and inoffensive by sources, who also said the sickening attack an excuse used by inmates as a tactic to heighten tensions.

“He received an awful kicking,” said the source. 

When riot squads arrived the prison yard turned into a battle field for five minutes as officers and inmates went hand to hand.

At the end of the confrontation 11 inmates, including the tortured prisoner, were taken to Tallaght hospital.

Reports indicate that there were two ringleaders; one of whom is a serious criminal from a notorious Dublin crime family who cannot be named as he has a trial pending.

The other suspected ringleader was taken to hospital.

Sources confirmed to earlier yesterday that inmates ripped down goalposts and razor wire in a protest sources say may be linked to efforts to clamp down on drugs entering the prison.

The Afghani man has been held on remand in Cloverhill prison for the last two weeks and will appear in court again on August 5th.

In a statement ARN said that he should never have been placed in prison.

"He is guilty of no crime, and our so-called humanitarian protection system has completely failed him," a spokesperson said