St Patrick's Cathedral apologises to victims of vile child rapist

Patrick O'Brien
Patrick O'Brien

The management of Dublin's St Patrick's Cathedral have apologised to victims of convicted child rapist Patrick O'Brien, who committed some of his vile crimes on their premises.

O’Brien (76) pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to 48 sample counts of indecent assault, including various instances of anal penetration, and three counts of sexual assault of the boys between 1974 and 2013 at numerous locations throughout the state including Kildare, Westmeath, on a boat in Loughrea in Co Galway and at St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, where he worked as a volunteer.

For those crimes he was jailed for 13 years earlier this month.

The statement issued this evening reads as follows:

St Patrick’s Cathedral deeply regrets the fact that children, the most vulnerable members of its community, were sexually abused by Patrick O’Brien.

Patrick O’Brien was a member of the congregation and held the post of treasurer with an independent fundraising body, the Friends of St Patrick’s Cathedral.

The cases of abuse that have been notified to the Cathedral date from the period 1978 to 1989.

The community here is shocked at the enormity of the crimes perpetrated by Patrick O’Brien. These crimes against children have caused feelings of revulsion and immense sadness.

St Patrick’s Cathedral is committed to ensuring the safety of all children in its care. The Cathedral fully implements the Church of Ireland’s child protection policy ‘Safeguarding Trust’.

St Patrick’s Cathedral apologises sincerely and unreservedly for the fact that those victims and their families who needed and were entitled to care and support did not receive this. Once again, it commends the courage of Patrick O’Brien’s victims in coming forward.