Springtime in Ireland – so keep out the rain gear and winter woolies

These ladies are wrapped up nicely for the current weather
These ladies are wrapped up nicely for the current weather

It’s a constant argument of bar stool bores – ‘does Spring start in February or March?’ – but whatever your opinion it certainly seems as if it’s as far away as ever right now, as sleet and snow showers rain down upon us.

Met Eireann are predicting the current inclement conditions are set to last most of the week and have a yellow weather warning in place, as the icy chill that has gripped the country over the past few days shows no sign of abating.

“Snow accumulations with frost and ice clearing most areas, to give a cold and bright day with sunny spells and further scattered wintry showers,” says Met Eireann of today’s expected conditions.

“Wintry showers will be most frequent for west and northwest counties, however all areas will remain at risk, especially later in the day. Further accumulations likely. Some of the wintry showers will also be thundery with hail at times. Feeling raw and very blustery, with highs of only 3 to 6 degrees Celsius, in fresh to strong and gusty south-westerly winds.”

Tonight is expected to be bitterly cold with more frost and icy patches – and tomorrow doesn’t fare much better, with wintry showers, particularly in the west and north of the country, combined with further light snow flurries and a band of heavy showers sweeping across the country.

Oh, and there’s thunder expected too, just to give it all a tropical effect.

The good news is that the snow is expected to have mainly dissipated by Wednesday. The bad news? It will all turn to rain.

Aren’t we supposed to be out cutting the grass around now?