Speed vans are a “money making exercise” says Healey Rae

Speed vans are a “money making exercise” says Healey Rae

Michael Healy-Rae, Independent TD for Kerry South, has hit out at ‘disgraceful’ placing of speed cameras he claims are a deliberate attempt to catch out Kerry fans coming back from matches.

In a statement, Deputy Healy-Rae claimed that speed cameras were deliberately placed inside the Kerry border after the All-Ireland Semi Final to catch Kerry fans out as they were coming home.

“When the whole idea of speed vans was envisaged it was to save lives… Now it is a money making exercise and a method of doing everything they can to increase the amount of penalty points bestowed upon road users and in many cases be the cause of people losing their licenses,” Deputy Healy-Rae said.

“These are respectable, law abiding people who just might happen to be doing a couple of very small Km’s over the speed limit and are now paying a very heavy penalty for it.”

The location, mentioned by Deputy Healy-Rae’s statement, Farranfore and the road between the Six Crosses and Duagh - can both be seen on a map on the website of An Garda Síochána detailing the locations where speed vans are focusing patrols.

The website states that the decision to patrol these roads in particular is based solely on where speeding and accidents are likely to happen.

Deputy Healy-Rae has been in contact with the Chief Superintendent about this matter. A Garda spokesperson said that the gardaí cannot comment on statements made by third parties, or on ongoing operational procedures.

Daire Courtney