Smoking and cursing banned from public parks

Smoking and cursing banned from public parks

Parents will no longer be allowed to smoke or curse as they watch their children play in parks or playgrounds in Waterford.

According to the Parks, Playgrounds and Open Spaces By-Laws 2015, brought in by Waterford City and County Council it is now prohibited to smoke or use an e-cigarette while in a park under the ownership or charge of the council.

A ban on cursing is also part of a raft of new rules which are coming into place on the 1st of July.

Those who light up or utter a swear may be removed from the area and could be hit with a whopping €1,270 fine.

The new rules also ban, gambling, begging, firearms, religious services, model airplanes, cattle, sheep, horses and donkeys.

You won’t be allowed light a fire, have a barbeque, pick flowers or do anything that could damage any trees, shrubs or plants.

The laws also state that a person cannot molest, threaten, annoy or otherwise interfere with any person using or enjoying parks and open spaces.

Dogs must be on a leash or if you own an dangerous breed it must be muzzled.

Bizarrely, no one, other than a Council employee, may cycle, skateboard, roller skate, roller blade or use any non-motorised vehicle in any parks.