Skint Irish women being lured to Middle East to work as prostitutes

Vice trade: Escorts are lured by parties and 'easy' money
Vice trade: Escorts are lured by parties and 'easy' money

Cash-strapped Irish women are being lured into prostitution in the Middle East, with promises of beach holidays and quick cash.

An elite escort agency is currently recruiting Irish women to join their team of ‘exclusive’ sex workers, with promises of fun-filled vacations and easy money.
In an ad on a popular adult website this week, the Habibi Escort agency boasts that call girls can make up to €10,000 in 14 days working in Dubai, Doha, Kuwait and Muscat.
Seeking Irish women, the ad reads: “VERY HIGH MONEY!!! Escort agency invites charming girls for work in Dubai, Doha. Quick money asap. Work aboard in Dubai, Doha. Client base, stability, safety.”
As part of an undercover investigation, our reporter contacted the agency, which is just one of many in the Middle East’s high-class prostitution network. Despite the fact that even public displays of affection can result in imprisonment in some Islamic countries, prostitution is a booming business in the Middle East.
In the United Arab Emirates – regarded as the sex capital of the Middle East – a recent estimate claimed there were 30,000 sex workers operating in the Gulf State.
Almost immediately after answering the ad, we were asked to send a professional image, alongside a “sexy” selfie and a video where we are told to perform a “striptease”.
“Send me your pic, some sexy selfies, 1 sexy video like striptease,” we were told.
Before we were even asked our name, the issue of money is swiftly dealt with. In an exchange for pleasuring wealthy Middle Eastern clients, would-be escorts can earn anything up to €10,000 in a two-week working holiday.
Our reporter is told that “one hour is €500”, while an “extra €100” can be earned for a further, more extreme, sexual act.
Eager for us to board a flight as quickly as possible, the unnamed pimp, who is based in France, told us the agency are seeking Irish women to join their elite team. In a bid to convince us of the agency’s credentials, we receive contact from sex worker Leyla, who is currently working with the agency in Doha.
“Hey, I was given your number :) I’m Leyla, it’s the second time I’m working for this agency. I’ve never met them, they just send you clients. You can trust them and its super safe and nice people and good money. It’s like being on holidays,” she said.
Implying that her clients are easily excitable, Leyla adds that the work is “easy”, as she boasts of parties and luxurious hotels.
“You stay in amazing hotels with beautiful beaches and don’t have to work much for this money. I’m staying in the Hilton of Doha check it out. Got a beach party tonight.
“You make min 300 a day, or you can make 1,000.
“If you are scared I can come and meet you just tell me when you want to come we can have great fun. When would you like to come over? I can come with you.”
Despite adultery being a criminal offence, Leyla remains unconcerned.
“Here you can’t touch someone in public. Just don’t take Qatar men, police can only be from here. You can always say to the agency no men from this country if you prefer.”
Images of half-naked Eastern European prostitutes flood the escort website, as the pimps prey on hard-up Irish girls looking to make a fast buck.