Sixth season of Love/Hate in the pipeline

Sixth season of Love/Hate in the pipeline

Newspaper reports say a sixth series of hit series Love/Hate is in the pipeline

Following the death of Nidge the sixth series will focus on the new kingpin, Traveller gangster Patrick.

A source told the Mirror:

“Locations and new talent are being scouted for Love/Hate’s big comeback.

“Bringing the focus to Patrick and his background will open up the show to a whole new legion of fans.”

The new series is still in its infancy, with RTE’s Head of Drama confirming that “Love/Hate will not return to screens in 2015."

“A sixth series is currently in development with the writer and creator Stuart Carolan and Octagon Films,” she said in a statement.

“RTE, the producers and Stuart believe it’s important to take time before going to production with a sixth season.

“Our main objective will always be to ensure the quality and creative dynamic of a new series mirrors the high standards Love/Hate viewers have come to expect over the past five seasons.”

This won't be the first time Stuart Carolan has rebuilt the show after the death of the drama's main character, having despatched with John Boy and Darren in earlier series. 

UPDATE: 10.49:

RTE have no poured cold water on the return rumour with a blunt statement released to the Sunday World: 'There are no plans to bring back Love/Hate at this time.'