Six-year-old boy has penis bitten off by horse

The horrific incident took place in Ukraine
The horrific incident took place in Ukraine

A six-year-old was attacked by his pet horse in an incident that resulted in his penis being bitten off.

The incident happened in Ukraine and according to a report in the Mirror, the victim was cycling his bike as the incident occurred.

The horse, reported to be the boy's pet and normally an animal that got on well with the youngster, attcked the boy, knocking him to the ground.

The attack culminated with the horse biting off the boy's penis.

The child is reported to have screamed in pain while running back his father.

Luckily the body part was recovered from the scene and doctors were able to reattach it.

However, they are unclear at this point how much damage has been done and whether the op can be deemed a success.

The doctor at the local hospital had never encountered anything like it before.

Doctor Igor Vishpinsky said: "We have had difficult cases in the last few years but we never experienced something like this.

"Maybe a severed finger or something like that from a horse bite, but definitely nothing like this. It was an extraordinary situation."