Sickos target teens at gigs

The Avicii concert in Marlay Park
The Avicii concert in Marlay Park

A SERIES of public ‘shaming’ photos have gone viral on social media websites this weekend after Friday’s huge concert at Marlay Park.

At least two young women were photographed engaged in public sexual activity while at the concert headlined by Swedish DJ Avicii.

They are the latest in a series of photos taken at concerts and festivals and posted online.

One young man posted the comment ahead of Friday’s concert: “Wonder who Avicii girl is gonna be? hahahaha we will know by the end of tonight.”

He later posted a picture of a couple kissing in public in which a man has his hand down the front of the young woman’s shorts.

He added another remark: “We had Swedish house mafia girl, we had tiesto girl and now we have avicii girl.”

A similar picture of another couple featured on another account also taken at the Avicii concert at Marlay park.

Both photos attracted dozens of comments from other people, some laughing at the antics but many others attacking the women’s behaviour.

The man who posted the first picture, however, also came under fire for posting the embarrassing image in the first place.

One man wrote: “The fact that u might get a few likes for this photo in return for this girl getting a world of abuse is pathetic!!”

‘Public shaming’ photos hit the headlines after the infamous photos of ‘Slane Girl’ emerged following the Eminem concert in 2013.

A number of people were banned form Twitter and other social media sites after re-posting photos of the girl engaged in a sexual act with a male.

It was reported at the time the girl later sought medical treatment and was distraught when photos went viral across the internet.