'Sick thugs' melt razorblades into slides at Irish playgrounds

Razorblades are being melted into children's slides
Razorblades are being melted into children's slides

A Galway councillor has labelled those responsible for melting razor blades into a slide at a children's playground as 'sick thugs'.

City councillor Niall McNelis is quoted in the Connacht Tribune as he talked about some very serious, and dangerous, incidents of vandalism in the city.

While refusing to name the playgrounds where the incident took place, Councillor McNelis did detail the 'sick' vandalism happening in Galway.

“There are a couple of cases of bad, sick individuals who have melted razor blades into slides to cut the kids as they go down," he said. 

"I’ve heard of a few cases where they’ve smeared dog dirt on the bars and slides and burned out a wheelie bin and threw it onto the basket swing.

“They go and loosen the screws on the swings so they’re rocking back and over and breaking bottles at the bottom of the slides so the kids fall into glass. These are just sick thugs.”

McNeils urged people to keep an eye out for vandals and contact the gardai if they spotted anything suspicious.

Vandalism of public playgrounds has been an issue in the city in recent times, with a number of high profile locations such as Westside Park and Cappagh Park suffering serious damage.

Thankfully, Councillor McNelis told the Sunday World today that no children had been injured due to the vandalism, and the parks are inspected daily to prevent children coming in contact with the vandalised equipment.

However, the closures to repair the vandalism meant that all the children in the area were denied the use of the facility.

Councillor McNelis suggested that one solution may be a 'white-noise' system that emits an annoying buzzing sound only audible to teenagers.

That would drive them away from hanging around the playgrounds but that would also prevent the vast majority of innocent teenagers from using the playground too.

The councillor told us that he had heard similar stories of vandalism from fellow representatives all over the country, suggesting this is a far bigger issue than just a local one in Galway.