SHOCKING: Ireland’s youngest granny at 29

SHOCKING: Ireland’s youngest granny at 29

A mother of two who became pregnant when she was 14-years-old is set to become Ireland’s youngest granny when her teenage daughter gives birth later this year.

The Irish Daily Star reports that the unnamed woman’s 15-year-old daughter posted the news directly to Facebook, saying:

“I can’t wait to be a mum”.

When the schoolgirl gives birth this summer her mum will become Ireland and the UK's youngest grandmother.

The girl's mother

The girl, who lives in Belfast, wrote on social media:

“Just can’t wait to hold him or her in my arms, really don’t think it’s hit me yet”.

Her boyfriend, who is believed to be 17, has also been sharing the good news on social media, reports The Star.

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Friends of the couple also took to social media to express their congratulations on their first baby together.

One person wrote: "Woww im so excited." While another stated:

"Gonna be a beautiful like its mummy".

Writing underneath a hospital scan, the girl said: “My precious little bundle so proud of u an (dad’s name) love u”.

The teenage boy's mother also added her congratulations.