VIDEO: Shock footage of late-night bouncer punch-up

VIDEO: Shock footage of late-night bouncer punch-up

THIS IS the shocking footage of a bouncer repeatedly punching a man in a street brawl.

The bust-up took place outside Fitzsimons Hotel and Nightclub in Dublin’s Temple Bar area.

The clip shows a security man clearly chasing two men down the street, away from the door of Fitzsimons, where he viciously assaults one by punching him repeatedly in the head while calling him a “bitch”.

The footage, filmed from a body camera on the bouncer’s chest, has shocked experienced door staff in an industry that is now regulated and licensed.

The Sunday World decided to show the footage to readers in the public interest. Spokesman Aidan Fitzsimons refused to comment or confirm whether any investigation has been launched into the actions of the doorman.

He warned that the video was the property of the superpub and claimed it had been stolen.

However, the footage was circulating online among security industry insiders.


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It has been viewed 19,000 times on a Facebook page, which said it had received the video “by mistake” and urged people to share it if they condemned the behaviour.

The footage was passed on to the Sunday World by a man who said he planned to report the incident to the Private Security Authority in the public interest. He said he was “shocked” that trained security workers would act in such a manner.

It is not clear when the video was made or at what time but the security staff are all still in uniform and appear to be still on duty, and the door to the premises is open.

The video was recorded on a bodycam attached to the clothing of one of the bouncers. At the beginning he can be heard goading two men who clearly approach the bouncer spoiling for a fight and arm themselves with a bottle.

The doorman with the camera turns around to two fellow bouncers, at least one of whom arms himself with a stick, and says “ready to go yeah?” before running at the men screaming:

“Come on boys, let’s go boys. Let’s go shitebags. Let’s go lads, let’s go”.

He falls over as he chases after one of the men and then gets to his feet before dragging the man to the ground in the middle of the road on Wellington Quay and punching him repeatedly.

He gets off him and taunts the man some more before the man threatens the bouncer.

The bodycam-wearing bouncer then walks back towards the pub and tells the beaten men to collect their jackets, which they placed on street furniture nearby.

However, when they walk towards their jackets, the bouncer removes the bottle from the scene and then shouts at the men: “Who has a bottle now? Scumbag.”

Aidan Fitzsimons refused to comment on the video or confirm if any investigation has been launched into the actions of the security guards when contacted by the Sunday World, and instead tried to find out where we got the video.

He also refused to say if the bouncer who recorded the video was employed directly by Fitzsimons, or through an outside security company.

“I’m not prepared to comment about anything to be honest, but I will get back to you,” he said.

The Sunday World understands no complaint was made to Gardaí over the incident.