Shameless Dan's bizarre boxing chat

Good friends: Matthew Macklin and Daniel Kinahan
Good friends: Matthew Macklin and Daniel Kinahan

SHAMELESS drug baron Daniel Kinahan has claimed he runs a security company in Spain’s Costa del Sol in an extraordinary interview with a leading boxing magazine.

The heir to the multi-million euro Kinahan drug cartel says that boxer Matthew Macklin is his “best friend” during his chat with Boxing Monthly about his involvement with the MGM gym in Marbella – first linked to the Kinahan mob by the Sunday World two years ago.

“I never had any intention to get into boxing,” he said claiming a mutual friend asked him to sponsor Macklin.

“I had never met Macklin, although I knew of him. I only met him after the Jamie Moore fight in September 2006. He came over a week after the fight. I met him at the airport and from there we became friends. Matthew is probably my best friend."

Kinahan, who was in Dublin last weekend when a senior member of his gang survived an assassination attempt, claims in his “first ever interview” that he runs a security firm which organises staff for dozens of Marbella’s bars, nightclubs and restaurants. In reality he runs a multi million euro drug and money laundering racket with his father the Dapper Don, Christy Kinahan

He told Boxing Monthly that he has lived on the Costa for 14 years, but the Sunday World understands he didn’t move there until 2006 after selling up a property in the U.K. He told the mag he plays a central role in the extravagant gym on Spain’s sun-drenched coastline. 

Along with boxer pal Matthew Macklin, Kinahan, who has a luxurious €1.5m villa in Guadalmina surrounded by CCTV cameras, claimed he is key to the success of MGM in the millionaire’s paradise of Puerto Banus. 

He said that while Macklin has been the public face of MGM, he has been a major player at the table, organising deals and signing fighters behind the scenes. The facility, which is home to more than 40 boxers and fighters, opened in August 2012. 

Kinahan and his buddy Macklin hope to build on their success – having recently launched a new gym in Scotland and further plans to open a new headquarters in Birmingham next year. Kinahan has been boasting about his boxing success, claiming he has been inundated with boxers’ looking to join his merry bandwagon. 

“We have emails and calls every day from fighters in Britain, Ireland and around Europe waiting to join us. We just want to keep building, doing bigger fights, bigger shows for the public, and push the fighters,” he told Boxing Monthly.

There is no suggestion any of the boxing stars linked to the gym have any involvement in crime. 

However, former champion boxer Jamie Moore (pictured above), who was training Macklin, was unintentionally sucked in when he was shot in a case of mistaken identity outside Kinahan’s mansion last year.

The Don’s son said he always had a passion for boxing handed down from his grandfather Danny. 

“We would always watch Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Mike Tyson. I sparred as a kid, but then I did karate and won an Irish title,” he said.

His childhood tale of being a famous athlete mirrors that of his father Christy Snr, who was an accomplished kick boxer, although no record of Daniel’s Irish title could be found.

Martin Grant