Seven closure orders issued by FSAI last month

Seven closure orders issued by FSAI last month

Seven closure orders were served on food businesses during the month of March.

The Food Safety Authority served seven closure orders on food businesses in Ireland last month.

Three of the orders were served on businesses in Dublin.

The other four relate to premises in Limerick, Donegal, Westmeath and Wexford.

Three Closure Orders were served under the FSAI Act, 1998 on:

  • Lebanese Tapas (restaurant/café), 21-22 Blackrock Market, Blackrock, Co. Dublin (placed March 31, lifted April 5)
  • China Tower (restaurant/café), Main Street, Ballybofey, Donegal (placed March 28)
  • Gunnings (grocery), Rathconrath, Westmeath (placed March 6, lifted March 10)

Three Closure Orders were served under the EC (Official Control of Foodstuffs) Regulations, 2010 on:

  • Hailan Asian Cuisine Restaurant, 2 Mahers Terrace, Main Street, Dundrum, Dublin 14 (placed march 30, lifted April 4)
  • Plaza Inn (take away) 7 Sundrive Road, Dublin 12 (placed March 23)
  • Indiana (restaurant/café), 22 Main Street, Gorey, Wexford (placed March 21)

One Prohibition Order was served under the FSAI Act, 1998 on:

  • Rene Cusack Ltd (fish processing), The Food Centre, Raheen Industrial Estate, Raheen, Limerick (placed March 3, lifted March 15)

Commenting on the Enforcement Orders served in March, Dr Pamela Byrne, Chief Executive, FSAI said that all food businesses must comply with food safety legislation in order to protect consumers’ health.

"The legal responsibility for producing food that is safe to eat rests with food businesses. Enforcement Orders and most especially Closure Orders and Prohibition Orders are served on food businesses only when a serious risk to consumer health has been identified or where there are a number of ongoing serious breaches of food legislation. Enforcement Orders are not served for minor breaches. Food inspectors have a range of other powers that they can use to deal with minor breaches. If food business owners are unsure of what is required of them by law, they can contact the FSAI Advice Line at [email protected] or visit its website or Facebook page,” said Dr Byrne.

According to the FSAI website, here is what a closure order and a prohibition order means.

Closure order

It is issued if in the opinion of the authorised officer, there is or there is likely to be a grave and immediate danger to public health at/or in the food premises.

Closures Orders can refer to the immediate closure of all or part of the food premises, or all or some of its activities.

The Orders may be lifted when the premises has improved to the satisfaction of the authorised officer.

Failure to comply with an Improvement Order may also result in the issuing of a Closure Order.

Closure orders remain on our website for a period of three months from the date the order was lifted.

Prohibition order

It is issued if the activities (handling, processing, disposal, manufacturing, storage, distribution or selling food) involve or are likely to involve a serious risk to public health from a particular product, class, batch or item of food. The effect is to prohibit the sale of the product, either temporarily or permanently.

Prohibition orders remain on the FSAI website for a period of one month from the date the order was lifted.