Ivan Yates questions Garda Commissioner's tenure while councillor labels police force 'powerless'

Noirin O’Sullivan
Noirin O’Sullivan

Newstalk Breakfast Show host Ivan Yates has questioned the position of Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan, while Councillor Jimmy Guerin has labelled the Gardai “powerless” in their attempts to purge Ireland of gangland crime.

Following the revenge attack which saw Eddie Hutch brutally gunned down in his home last night, both Yates and Guerin have called the Gardai and the Government into question.

“The murder last night in Ballybough of Eddie Hutch of course sent a shockwave through the whole country,” Yates said on Newstalk’s Breakfast Show.

“The brazen nature of the immediate reprisal for the Regency Hotel attack really shows the extent to which the National Security forces have lost touch with organised crime and how to combat it.

“In my view, there are very, very serious questions about the tenure and tenability of Garda Comissioner Noirin O’Sullivan.

“I think she needs to answer how there was such a failure of intelligence (regarding the hotel attack) and yesterday evening – I don’t think you would need a special intelligence corps to find out that relatives of Gerry Hutch would be under threat.

“The fact that four people could go in and shoot him nine times tells me that there is a wanton disregard for the security forces, that there is breakdown of security.”

Councillor Jimmy Guerin, brother of celebrated crime journalist Veronica Guerin who was savagely murdered in a gangland killing in 1996, believes serious resources need to be made available by the Government to Gardai to properly tackle organised crime.

“It appears that for criminals it is no longer enough to kill your target you must also make a statement. Last night in the brutal killing of Eddie Hutch those responsible made a very loud statement, regardless of what steps are taken the presence of the police on or streets will not stop us.

It is reported that four heavily armed men were involved. This happened despite the Gardai bringing extra ERU members to Dublin and supposedly taking steps to ensure there would be no retaliation to Friday’s awful attack at the Regency Hotel.

It’s a very loud statement that should scare us; it’s a display of arrogance and also of strength. Regardless of what steps are taken the Gardai are powerless when it comes to taking on organised crime.

When as a public representative I come across people being terrorised over their loved ones drug debt I try and encourage them to go to the Gardaí, they refuse as they believe that the criminals are stronger than the Gardaí. They see no point in bringing serious crime to the attention of the authorities; this surely represents a total breakdown in law and order.

Cllr. Guerin has launched an appeal to Taoiseach Enda Kenny to provide the Gardai with much-needed resources.

“I appeal to the Taoiseach to climb down from the party bus and recall the cabinet, introduce measures and provide resources for this serious problem to be addressed. As the country’s leader he owes us leadership and as one of those who has contributed to this problem by ignoring it, he owes it to people who live in fear because of the total breakdown of the rule of law in our society.”