Serial sex attacker active in south Dublin

Quinns Road in Shankill
Quinns Road in Shankill

Protesters turned out at a garda station in South Dublin yesterday following a series of attacks on young women in the area.

The protest was sparked after a teenage girl was allegedly attack on Tuesday night in Shankill, south Dublin.

Reports indicate that this is the third such attack in the area since December.

The first attack was reported by the victim, a woman in her 30s, who was targeted close to Shankill Dart station on the 4th of December.

A woman in her 20s took to Facebook to warn others after a man in his 40s tried to drag her into a secluded woodland area close to the Dart station.

She escaped and reported the incident to gardai.

The group of protesters rallied together after the latest attack, which occurred on Tuesday evening near the same Dart station in Shankill.

A young girl was followed as she walked along Quinn’s Road, near Shanganagh Grove junction at around 8:30pm.

Reports indicate that she was grabbed and groped but managed to escape.

A description of the man has been given to gardai, but has not been released to the public.

Gardai say all the incidents occurred during the hours of darkness between 4.30pm to 10pm.