Second security alert today underway in West Belfast

NewsBy Jamie McDowell
Second security alert today underway in West Belfast

A second security alert today is underway in the same area of West Belfast.

Police are currently in attendance in the Glencolin Walk area following the discovery of a suspicious object. 

A spokesperson for the PSNI said: "The Glen Road, Belfast is closed between junctions of Shaw’s Road and Suffolk Road due to ongoing security alert.  Motorists should seek alternative routes."

Earlier, police responded after a suspicious device was found on Ramoan Drive off the Glen Road.

Tensions are high in the city after a bomb attack on a prison officer in East Belfast yesterday morning.

Police are currently on high alert after the blast.

There are no further details at this stage.

Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin expressed fear that the attack yesterday was part of an upsurge in dissident activity ahead of the forthcoming 100th anniversary of the republican rebellion against British rule on the streets of Dublin.

Mr Martin said while the terror threat level in Northern Ireland has been categorised as "severe" for a number of years he was now describing it as "the upper end of severe".

"I believe there are people within dissident republican groupings who want to mark this centenary by killing police officers, prison officers and soldiers," he said.

"I am saying that publicly, I am saying it deliberately, and I am saying I need the help of the community. That is not inevitable, this does not need to happen, but we need the support of the community."

The 1916 uprising failed in its primary objective but it triggered a series of events that ultimately saw 26 counties of Ireland gain independence from Britain five years later.

The Rising has assumed great significance in republican ideology and it will be marked by a series of state events in Dublin on March 27.

There are dozens of commemorative events planned north of the border as well. Mr Martin said his officers were "culturally sensitive" to those and would police them appropriately.

But he warned: "There are people within dissident republican groupings who want to mark the 2016 100th anniversary in an entirely more sinister way, who want to kill police officers, prison officers or soldiers.

"So we believe the threat is extremely high at the moment, it's at the upper end of severe, and we need community support and it's not inevitable that anyone needs to lose their life."

The explosion happened in the Hillsborough Drive area off the Woodstock Road in the east of the city just after 7am.

The senior prison officer had just left home to drive to work.

Detectives are examining whether the bomb dislodged from the vehicle as it was going over a speed bump, thus lessening the impact of the blast.

The Woodstock Road is a predominantly unionist/loyalist area.

Mr Martin said: "The intention of this device was to kill, someone prepared this device, someone transported this device and someone planted this bomb."

The police commander added: "This could have been a fatality, the people who planned this wanted to kill a prison officer.

"This is a 52-year-old man, he has been in the prison service for 28 years, he's a married man, he has grown-up daughters, and we could be facing an absolutely tragic set of circumstances today in which a man who goes to work every day to keep people safe, to protect people, is actually deprived of his life in the most callous of circumstances."