Search continues amid growing fears for missing Irish woman Karen Buckley

Missing: Dozens of police officers are searching for Karen in Dawsholm Park (James Cook: BBC)
Missing: Dozens of police officers are searching for Karen in Dawsholm Park (James Cook: BBC)

The search for missing Irish woman Karen Buckley continued into last night amid growing fears for her welfare.

Police now believe that a grey car may hold the key to solving the mystery of her disappearance.

Dozens of uniformed policedescended on Dawsholm Park in Glasgow in search for the missing 24-year-old.

A handbag belonging to the Cork woman was discovered in the park earlier yesterday afternoon by police. 

At a police conference yesterday, officers said they were "extremely concerned" for Karen's welfare following the discovery. 


Her worried parents have travelled to the city as the search for her continues. They said they are "desperate" for her to come home safely and appealed for anybody who may have information on her whereabouts to come forward. 

Police are keen to find out more about a grey car that was seen on the roads between Milngavie and Drymen north of Glasgow between 11am and 3pm yesterday.

Detective Superintendent Jim Kerr said: "The activity of this grey car on the Monday is something that we're a wee bit concerned about. This car has been seen at various locations on these roads and I want to know why."
He added: "We are gravely concerned that Karen has come to some harm, whether that is down to foul play, criminality or she has taken unwell or had an accident is obviously still to be established."
Miss Buckley arrived at The Sanctuary with friends at around 11.45pm on Saturday and at around 1am she told them she was going to the toilet. She failed to return and did not take her jacket.
Mr Kerr said: "We've traced the man she was with in Dorchester Avenue. He believes he was intimate with her at his flat consensually in the early hours of Sunday."
The police officer added: "From what we can see, she does not appear to be under duress, there's no signs of a struggle or reluctance on her part to leave the club.
"However, that does not mean that something untoward has happened to her at a later stage."

Her father John Buckley, 62, was also at the press conference today.

He said: "We are extremely concerned for her. We are desperate to get her back and safe with her family - she is our only daughter, we love her dearly and just want her to come home safe and sound."

He added: "She always keeps in contact with her family and friends to let them know where she is and what she is up to.

"To not return to her flat or be in contact with her pals - not responding to texts and calls to her mobile is very, very worrying as it is so out of character."

Miss Buckley is a first year occupational therapy student at Glasgow Caledonian University.

She moved to Glasgow in February and before that was a nurse at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex.