Gang of seagulls responsible for the killing of Yorkshire Terrier, family say

Attack: The Terrier was apparently mauled to death by a gang of seagulls
Attack: The Terrier was apparently mauled to death by a gang of seagulls

A family have spoken of their devastation after their Yorkshire Terrier was apparently mauled to death by a gang of seagulls.

Emily Vincent, from Cornwall in the UK, says her terrier Roo had to be put down after he received severe head injuries and a brain haemorrhage from the attack. 

The family says Roo was attacked by a gang of seagulls last Thursday while he was playing in the back garden of their home in St Columb Minor. 

Vincent says Roo came running into the kitchen and collapsed in a pool of blood. It was like the scene of a murder, she said. 

"I ran into the kitchen and saw Roo lying on his side and there was blood everywhere. Roo had managed to run indoors and then collapsed. Blood was coming out of his head. It was like a murder scene."

They raced Roo to the vet but his injuries were too severe and the decision was made to put him down. 

The seagulls, they said, have been nesting on the roof of the house and are believed to have been protecting their nests when they attacked. 

Mother Vincent said: "Jace was with Roo in the garden and then all of a sudden Jace started screaming ‘Roo is bleeding’.

"I couldn’t get any sense out of Jace initially but then he kept saying the big bird has got a sharp beak. Roo was still breathing so we rushed him to the vet.
"He was initially stable but he was not responding to anything the vets tried, and because of the brain damage he had to be put down. Jace has been totally traumatised and randomly bursts out crying. I have not stopped crying either – and now I’ve reached the angry stage.
"It could have been my child that was hurt and there is nothing I can do about it. My other two dogs are too scared to go into the garden and Jace is not himself.
"There should be more done to protect people and their pets. Roo was like another child to me. The whole family is grieving. It has been horrific.
"We will now not let the children or the dogs out in the garden unless we are with them."
She said she is unable to have the birds removed as they are protected by the council.