Scissor sister's lesbian lover found dead

Karen Kelly
Karen Kelly

SCISSORS SISTER Charlotte Mulhall is in mourning following the sudden death of her jail-house fiancee Karen Kelly.

The Sunday World can reveal that Kelly (25) was found lying unresponsive in her home in Farren Park, Waterford by her father shortly after 10 am on Friday.

Karen and Charlotte Mulhall

Sources say a post-mortem was due to be carried out on her remains at Waterford Regional Hospital yesterday.

Toxicology tests were carried out to establish whether drugs may have played a role in Karen’s tragic death.

Separately, prison sources say heart complications are also viewed as a possible cause.

News of Karen’s death was broken to Mulhall on Friday afternoon with sources saying she was ’shaken and upset’ by the news.

A source said it is unlikely Mulhall will be allowed out on compassionate grounds to attend Karen’s funeral, however arrangements may be made for her to say goodbye during a visit to the funeral home prior to burial.

Kelly met mum-of-one Charlotte while she was serving a three-year-sentence for assault at Mountjoy’s Dochas Centre back in 2009.

In an interview in 2012 after she was released from prison she said: “I love Charlotte with all my heart. It is destroying me from the inside out not being able to see her.

“I sent her a wedding ring a few weeks ago in the post as I’m not allowed to visit her still.

“As I’m not officially allowed to marry her while she is in prison, the ring is a symbol of our love ... that we will be together forever. 

“A promise ring really.

“To me it is the exact same as any other wedding ring. It’s just a shame that we can’t have the official ceremony.”

Kelly’s battle with drugs was well documented by authorities.

Karen's tattoo of Charlotte 

In May 2014 she was photographed after falling asleep with a syringe in her hand as she sat outside the Central Criminal Court where she was facing robbery charges.

The heavily-tattooed lesbian – who described Charlotte as her ‘wife’ on her Facebook page – was inseparable from Charlotte during her various stints behind bars in the Dochas Centre.

On her Facebook page, she posted images of a number of tattoos (inset) she had got since her release displaying her love for killer Charlotte.

They included a picture of Charlotte tattooed on her upper arm and her name inked on her back above a picture of Freddy Kruger from horror flick A Nightmare On Elm Street.

In 2007, Charlotte was jailed for life for stabbing Fareh Swaleh Noor, her mother’s boyfriend, to death at a house in Ballybough, Dublin, following a drink and drugs bender. 

Her sister, Linda (37), is serving 15 years for the Kenyan’s manslaughter.

During interviews with gardai, Linda told how Noor made a pass at her which prompted her sister Charlotte to pick up a Stanley blade and cut his throat, as Kathleen begged her daughters to kill him.

Linda admitted repeatedly hitting the victim over the head with a hammer.

The pair dragged his body into the bathroom of their mother’s flat and spent hours cutting it up with a bread knife and a hammer.

The sisters then dumped their victim’s headless torso into the Royal Canal near Ballybough.

The severed head was taken by bus to Tallaght, on the south-side of Dublin, where it was buried and reburied in a number of locations.

The head has never been recovered.

Noor’s torso and limbs were spotted by passers-by in the Royal Canal 10 days later, sparking a murder hunt by gardai.

Yesterday numerous friends of Karen posted tributes to her on her Facebook site. 

“Rip Karen, can’t believe it. So sad so young. Sleep tight,” wrote one.

“Rip Karen. Still can’t believe it,” she wrote.

“We had some good times girl. 

“Rest in peace my friend xxxx.”