School counsellor hypnotised students to eat semen, court hears

Kevin Lynch (Pic: Courier Mail)
Kevin Lynch (Pic: Courier Mail)

A school counsellor hypnotised, sexually abused and forced students to eat their own semen during counselling sessions at a top private school, a court has heard.

A commission in Australia has heard how former school counsellor, Kevin Lynch, stuck acupuncture needles into a student’s testicles and then put a thumb into his anus during “counselling” sessions. 

The victim, known only as BQK, told the royal commission that he believed Lynch was giving him “an edge” at the time while studying at Brisbane Grammar School.

The man, now 45, told the commission how Lynch would hypnotise, masturbate and slap him during sessions to “help” get better grades.

"He would regularly masturbate me to the point of ejaculation and sometimes would make me ingest my own semen. 

"Other times he would use acupuncture needles and put them into my testicles or stick his thumb in my anus.

"Even though I was hypnotised when this happened I knew what was happening. I let it happen because I believed Lynch when he told me that it was good for me, that it was going to give me an edge,” he said. 

Lynch killed himself in 1997 after he was charged with abusing a student in another primary school. 

The commission into child sexual abuse in institutes continues in Brisbane.